EP 2

by shukov

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released June 26, 2015



all rights reserved


shukov Edmonton, Alberta


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Track Name: Burned One
from this urn
oh what I've learnt
trust your nerves
beside the burned
do and did
they come and go
open up the lid
its no surprise when they blow
so easily
I don't feel a thing
for the dead I've never been with

going to the store
with an urn in my car
I didn't know him
so Im not going
to stop smiling
to stop smiling
Track Name: As of Late
I'm not as good of a man as I thought
I'm not as good of a lover as I thought

some type of shock
it's not static or culture
and it hurts a lot
the shock you get
when you step back after standing
on someone's neck
the void in your chest keeps demanding
that you kneel and beg
cause you know
you know you were evil
right there and then

I made someone feel bad today
I made you cry today

would a heart
feel the guilt of
being a part
of a body that is built of
bones skin and hate?

it has
it has as of late
Track Name: Big Blue Whale
big blue do you
feel big inside?
I think you feel more like your colour
than your size
big blue do you
feel sad at times?
when you know no ones swimming
at your side
big blue I've wanted to
tell you a little thing
there's a lot more like you up here
than you think
so when you go
up for air I'll be there
you'll still be alone
but maybe a little bit less scared
Track Name: Puddle
sitting sinking in the sun
you squint your eyes
you know that you've got nowhere to run
the dirt it soaks with you and sits
its gonna find a wind
it dries up and takes off with it

oh and puddles live such short lives
they all dry up
nothing contrived

oh you know we all go down
this ruthless decline
doesn't care how many times you turn around
all my time was lent to me
and like a child
I just want more
but I won't get any

oh and puddles live such short lives
they all dry up
nothing can try